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You may not have been aware of this either but it has come to our attention that earlier this month (September 3rd to be exact) was International Bacon Day. Though we’re kicking ourselves for the missed opportunity to indulge in our favorite breakfast meat, it has inspired us to pay homage to the tasty pork product. We’re betting that you didn’t know the following regarding this addictive juicy, crunchy, scrumptious and savory meat:

  • Bacon is one of the world’s oldest processed meats. The Chinese began the trend of salting bacon bellies in 1500 BC.
  • It is rumored to cure hangovers.
  • Literally, Americans eat tons of bacon a year. In fact, we eat more than 1.7 billion pounds of bacon annually which is more than the weight of 8 aircraft carriers.
  • Bacon toothpaste and bacon cologne are both available beauty products.
  • An artist actually created a bacon bust of actor Kevin Bacon.
  • It’s not just in your head – bacon is addictive. With six types of umami, which is reported to produce a variety of neuro-chemical responses, bacon is often difficult to eat in moderate amounts.
  • It is estimated that 69% of the world’s restaurants serve bacon on a daily basis.
  • Bacon is almost always kept at hand. More than 53% of us keep bacon in our home refrigerators at all times.
  • A 250 pound pig creates about 23 pounds of bacon.
  • Pregnant women would do well by their babies by eating bacon. Research shows that bacon contains choline, which has been shown to boost intelligence.
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